Trans-Disciplinary Learning

Trans-Disciplinary Learning or TDL is a key differentiator of the University, as it integrates the perspectives of multiple disciplines in order to connect new knowledge and deeper understanding to real life experiences. With focus on holistic development, TDL makes students sensitized to their environment.

A basket of trans-disciplinary courses are offered to the students across all the Schools. Students have to select these courses which are not necessarily from their core subjects. The uniqueness of these courses is that none of them have been repeated ever since the inception of the University. TDL gives an opportunity to students to be in a heterogeneous class with students of various disciplines. This enables a very rich learning and helps improve their team building and inter-personal skills.

The faculty engaged in conducting the TDL courses cater to a mix of student groups, and thus it involves drawing together concepts, theories, and approaches from the more than one discipline. The students are able to add new knowledge. They will be able to breakdown traditional framework of learning and attain knowledge through multidimensional perspective –sharing them and learning from them to develop new knowledge & theory.

Some of the courses that have been very popular include:

  • Tourism
  • Theatre
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Dance
  • Chess
  • Fitness First
  • Martial Arts: Taekwondo and Jiujitsu
  • Wellness
  • Fireless cooking
  • Community Service
  • Self Defence
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