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Students Services

Ansal University has a student welfare office which is accessible to students. They can be approached for event management assistance to other academic issues. Besides the Student Welfare Office, SSAA has a Student Council which is formed by elected members from Year III. This Coucil provides a platform for its peers to raise any issues with the institution, to organise events and workshops, etc.

Ansal University has a Corporate Resource Center (CRC) which helps students get into the right kind of post education training or work environment. The CRC team aims to develop sustainable and fulfilling careers, rather than ‘just a job’. They guide, manage & shape the student’s professional development by plugging key skill sets required for transition from a student to a complete professional. Though SSAA has extensive industry links, sometimes students may seek help from CRC to attain appropriate training or internship.

AU campus is also equipped with a Medical Room, equipped with the basic requirements of first Aid and is operational from 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs on all working days. The university also provides access to a qualified Counselor available for the Students / Faculty members / Deans / Non- teaching staff.

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