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The Material Techniques and Processes (MTP) Studio at SSAA enabled the students to explore, experiment with material and understand the use of a range of materials, techniques and processes. The students worked with variety of materials exploring its properties and techniques to work with a creative approach in designing.

Second Year Final Design Jury- posted Dec 25, 2014

Second year students of Sushant School of Art & Architecture, present their work for the final design jury. The students worked on the idea of “Experiences: Abstract and Sensorial Design” with an emphasis on the design process. The design process is not necessarily knowing but knowing the need to know – it tries to develop lateral thinking in students that goes to show that rather than taking a linear step-by-step process, there is an alternate way to do design that gives the freedom to explore things and find linkages within things, which at first might not be evident. And this further leads to a much richer process of design.

Art and graphics jury- posted Dec 24, 2014

Artwork from scrap to unconventional paintings, Students of Sushant School of Architecture showcase their work for Fine Art & Graphics Jury.

Urban design studio- posted Dec 18, 2014

Students of fourth year, Sushant School of Architecture present their design work to the jury. The design studio aimed to sensitise students to issues of a complex historic urban fabric through a strong focus on context specific urban design. An additional emphasis on built and cultural heritage informed design solutions with principles of conservation and historicity. The entire process went from extensive documentation of the city of Jaipur, to the development of contextually relevant visions and structure plans culminating in a diverse range of surgical and comprehensive interventions.

First year design jury- posted Dec 16, 2014

First year students of Sushant School of Art & Architecture wrapping up the semester with their refreshing and vibrant works displayed for the final Design Jury.

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