The School has a set of workshops where students can undertake experiments and create objects, models, projects, etc. Studio and lab spaces at Ansal University provide stimulating learning environment buzzing with creative activity and latest technology. The laboratories and studios are the centres of excellence that provide hands on  experience on the concepts learnt in the theory classes. These are well equippedwith state-of-the-art tools, modern facilities and advanced & sophisticatedinstruments.Experiential learning is prominent in Studios and Labs at SSAA that offers opportunityto work alongside industry professionals seeking to solve real-world design &planning problems.

Zyxis Studio

The lab is equipped with modern technologies such as the Laser Cutter andEngraving Machine that can enable students to cut and engrave across a range ofdimensions on various materials such as paper, acrylic, leather, stone and clothes.The printer behaves just like a normal printer, which can be operated throughvarious software such as CorelDraw, Autodesk AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop andother software in the Adobe Suite. Since it can cut or engrave on any material, asper design, it is especially beneficial for students of architecture (SSAA) in modelmaking. The accuracy and precision will give a splendidly cut elevation for modelmaking, and in no time students will be ready with their 3-dimensional model.The Z-Printer 450 (3D Systems) sets the standard for speed, colour, affordabilityand ease of use. It simplifies the 3D printing process with automated operationat every step and transforms electronic 3D data into hand-held physicalmodels. Colour dramatically communicates the proposed look, feel and style ofengineering product designs.

Some of the sudior hours are dedicated to equipping students to use these equipments and enabling them to work through necessary softwares to visualise their designs.


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