A Special Lecture by Prof John Hoal was organized by Sushant School of Art & Architecture at Ansal University. John is Chair, Urban Design, Professor of Architecture & Urban Design from Washington University in Saint Louis. The discussion was on Architecture & Urban Design, elaborating on the possibilities for students interested in studying at Washington University.



Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Ansal University in collaboration with CEPT University and National Scientific Committee of Historic Towns and Villages, ICOMOS India is organizing a Symposium titled ‘History and Conservation, As if People Matter’ on August 1st  & 2nd  2017. The symposium will focus on the role of people and community in the larger discourse of history and conservation.


As if people matter-call for papers(1)

A group of 35 students with 2 faculty went on a 10 day trip to Netherland and explored the architecture of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The group experienced the innovative residential areas of The New Islands of IJburg, Man-made islands in an ecologically sensitive area, visited the NDSM & Western Docklands area looking at the redevelopment of NDSM wharf and also interacted with students at Faculty of Architecture, Tu Delft University.



SSAA has a well stalked library which The School involves students in Lecture Series, Seminars, Workshops & Conferences, Cultural Activities, Sport & Games, Educational Tours, Short Term Courses, Inter-College Competitions, Participation in National Association for  Students of Aechitecture (NASA)/Zonal NASA (ZONASA) Convention and Exhibitions to enhance and strengthen student’s creative skills.


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