Platform Lecture Series

Plat Form Lecture Series (PLS) – Ansal University, Gurgaon

Platform Lecture Series (PLS) is a unique initiative by Ansal University where eminent thought leaders and Industry stalwarts address students and faculty to give insightful talks on a number of issues affecting our world.

So far, following distinguished personalities have visited AU campus under this Lecture Series:

S. No. Month Date Speaker Organization Title of talk
AU/2012/01 September 25.09.2012 Mr. Raj Jain President, Walmart India & MD & CEO, Bharti Walmart Pvt. Ltd., FDI in Retail- Issues & Perspective
AU/2012/02 October 29.10.2012 Sh. Anil Kumar Rao Jt. Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon Role of the Youth in Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement
AU/2012/03 November 09.11.2012 Sri. S. K. Munjal Chairman of Hero MotoCorp India’s Growth Story and Vision for the Future
AU/2013/04 January 11.01.2013 Advocate Lata Krishnamurti Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India Women Safety & their Rights
AU/2013/05 January 31.01.2013 Dr. HK Chopra Sr. Consultant Cardiologist Moolchand Medcity and President, World Heart Academy Youth’s Lifestyle & Healthy Heart:  A Need of the Hour
AU/2013/06 March 22.02.2013 Gurmeet Singh MD,  Gurind Glass Glass Manufacture and Practice
AU/2013/07 April 16.04.2013 Mr. Sachit Jain Executive Director, Vardhman Group Leadership
AU/2013/08 August 02.08.2013 Mr. Hafeez Contractor Owner, Architect Hafeez Contractor firm Architecture Forever
AU/2013/9 October 17.10.2013 Ar. Dikshu Kukreja Architect, Urbanist and Owner of C P Kukreja Associates Architecture – Let’s Get Thinking
AU/2013/10 November 06.11.2013 Sri. Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.) Former Director, CBI, India How to excel in Life and Career
AU/2013/11 November 22.11.2013 Ms. Priya Khanna Art Restorer Introduction To Art Restoration
AU/2014/12 January 21.01.2014 Mr. Rajan Anandan MD & VP, Google India Internet in India
AU/2014/13 February 20.02.2014 Mr. Jaime de Miguel Architect New Paradigms in Design and Fabrication
AU/2014/14 March 28.03.2014 Mr. Raj Biyani MD, Microsoft India Lessons from a passage to America & India
AU/2014/15 October 30.10.2014 Lt. Gen. Syed Ata Hasnain, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM & BAR Retired Indian Army General Officer Testing Leadership in Turbulent Environment
AU/2014/16 November 13.11.2014 Mr. Abhishek Somany Joint Managing Director, Somany Ceramics Ltd Ceramic Odyssey – Tiles & Beyond



Title of the talk: “Ceramic Odyssey- Tiles & Beyond”

Date: 13th, November 2014

As a part of the Platform Lecture Series being organised by the Ansal University, Mr. Abhishek Somany, Joint Managing Director of Somany Ceramics Ltd., delivered a talk on “Ceramic Odyssey – Tiles & Beyond” sharing his rich experience in the Ceramic Industry and International Marketing. The enlightening talk introduced to the audience not only some of the new age technology Somany has brought to the Indian market including Slip shields (patented), Germ free and Industrial tiles, but has also given an insight to the future of tile making. The introduction to evolution of Ceramic tile Industry through centuries from Mesopotamian civilization to the present day technology driven production enriched the audience with a less known story. Some of the ground breaking products under research or implementation across the world like tiles producing electricity using kinetic energy (walkers), solar tiles and active tiles (that expunge nitrogen from air improving oxygen content) amazed the audience.

The presentation summed up with the acknowledgement that ceramics are a part of our lives from being used in mobile phones to space shuttles, clearly indicating it being the preferred material in the future. Being in the tile industry for decades, tapping the potential of a material and introducing state of art technology in India, Somany Ceramics also gives back to the society through an active training effort under their CSR Programme. As a part of their ‘Tile Master Programme’, masons are professionally trained in state of the art workmanship for tile laying, equipping them to improve their productivity rate by 25% and reducing the wastage by 50%. The session concluded with an interactive dialogue between participants and Mr. Somany regarding various aspects of ceramic tiles from manufacturing, customisation, recycling, and innovation through exterior cladding use.

Title of the talk: ‘Testing Leadership in Turbulent Environment ‘

Date: October 30, 2014

Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM & BAR , a retired Indian Army General Officer delivered a high impact lecture on ‘Testing Leadership in Turbulent Environment ‘. The lecture began with credos of martyred soldiers of Indian army who immortalized their name in the pages of history with their indomitable and daunting spirit. The speaker emphatically asserted that in the transition period India needs leaders of substance and with hawk like vision to lead the nation.

Lt Gen Hasnain stressed on the importance of perseverance and shares the view of considering every failure as a stepping stone on the path of success. He shared the five C’s or the five mantras of great leadership- Character, Courage, Competence, Commitment and Compassion. Retention of Faith at the cost of ones life and maintenance of ones reputation should be their driving force. Excellence is attainable, he said, and hence the thirst for excellence should be insatiable for the pursuit for perfection is impossible. Progressive development in leadership from being anonymous to winning laurels in life is possible only through toiling, incessant efforts and a penchant to achieve nothing but the best. Leaders are not born they evolve from testing situations. In his point of view people with emotional intelligence, courage to experiment and possessing essential humanity prove to be great leaders. Leaders are put through a lot of stress and hence can cope with it and failure only with the help of a positive attitude. He invoked the youth of today to emerge as new ‘You’, refrain from cursing and ranting and ascertain their comfort zone. In the current scenario when the media pressure and intrusion is humongous it becomes all the more important to reckon it in positive stride.

Title of the talk: ‘Architecture Forever’

Date: 2 August, 2013

Title of the talk: ‘Lessons from a passage to America & India’

Date: 28 March, 2013

Title of the talk: ‘Glass Manufacture and Practice’

Date: 22 February, 2013

Title of the talk: ‘Youth’s Lifestyle & Healthy Heart: A Need of the Hour’

Date: 31 Janurary, 2013

Title of the talk: ‘Women Safety & their Rights’

Date: 1 Janurary, 2013

Mr. Stuart Tappin, Director of Stand Engineers with over 20 years of conservation experience in the UK and overseas delivered a talk on‘Building Conservation in UK: An Engineer’s Perspective’ as part of the Platform Lecture Series organised by SushantSchool of Architecture at AnsalUnivesity. With his deep understanding of the special issues relating to historic buildings, scheduled monuments, museums and galleries and buildings within conservation areas,he discussed structural engineering in conservation, narrating the challenges and opportunities involved.

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