Ongoing Projects

Research at SSAA has is a constant endeavor by both students and faculty members on a wide range of subjects in architecture and design. Research by students includes- projects for NASA, independent research projects, academic research for dissertation and thesis, etc. Most of the SSAA faculty members hold a Master’s degree in specialized field, a few have finished doctorate at reputed institutions. With this variety of expertise within faculty, students are encouraged to undertake research across the wide range of topics at

SSAA’s recently set-up ‘Documentation and Archives’ cell is envisioned as the laboratory for experimentation in field of scholarly and social research by both students and faculty members. In the last 25 years of the School, the students have undertaken academic research on a wide variety of topics including- sociology, architectural theory, history, heritage, urban design and renewal, etc.

The recently constituted Research Cell at SSAA is still to bag grants for major research. Faculty at SSAA is involved in several research endeavours at individual level. These are reflected in their independent profile pages.
Structure:We are defining research in Sushant School of Art and Architecture as an inclusive field, with the focus on activities that are supported by multiple methodologies of collecting and making sense of data; consciously selected theoretical positions; synthesis; and meaningful findings or actions. The research at SSAA can be streamed in the following categories-

Making: Construction, materials, technologies, management

Keeping: Heritage conservation, preservation, mapping, reuse

Inhabiting: Interiors, Urbanism, city planning

Designing: Theories, tools, products, and practices

Thinking: Theories, philosophies, epistemologies in/of architecture

Some of the research interests of faculty members can be seen here.


Staff Research Interests Research Stream
Manisha Study and Redevelopment/ Rejuvination of urban spaces in Gurgaon Designing
Aruna Museums, adaptive re-use; dissertation on transit oriented development; objectivity and subjectivity in planning process; urban India and city centres; implementation processes not in place; focus is on objectivity and subjectivity, global and local and new urbanisation and looks at contextual and identity Designing
Sweety self-sustainable house; in terms of all services, all energy, and zero discharge and green building; smart cities Making
Tapasya Heritage conservation, interpretation &promotion including tangible & intangible, Up-gradation, utilities management & adaptive reuse of historic building, historic evolution of building typology, industrial & military heritage (forts), BIM in existing buildings, documentation & listing, Building construction & conservation process, Museum design Keeping
Bhawna Dandona 1. Historic Building Materials and Structures. 2.Disaster Mitigation for Built Heritage Current Research: Survey and Characterization of Historic Brick in India (Lakhori) Keeping
Niraja Adloori Adaptive Re-use, Application of Building Information Modelling in Conservation, Advanced Project Scheduling, Recycled Building Material Keeping
Vibhuti Urbanism, Modernities, traditional/local knowledge systems, Vastu Vidya, Jaipur. Keeping Thinking
Vartika Town Planning, Tourism Infrastructrure Planning, Neighbourhood Planning, Local Area Planning, Public Private Partnership in Planning projects,Smart Cities etc Inhabiting
Nidhi Dandona Urban Growth in Gurgaon-Planning for an Unplanned city, Future of Urban growth in Urban Extensions, Inclusive planning, Neighborhood typology in India –Study for a sustainable module, Urban conservation of lost spaces Inhabiting
Amit Sarma Space syntax, relation of space and society, spatial structure, urban design, city planning, organic settlements, mixed use, retail patterns, sustainable/smart cities Thinking, Making
Parul Munjal participatory approach for heritage management, heritage tourism, contextual design, culture based development, relegious architecture, heritage resources in small towns, world heritage Keeping
Amrita Madan Theory of Architecture and Urban Design; Urban and Sub-Urban Landscape Planning; Strategies and Methodologies in Teaching of Design; Strategic Design Models — User Intervention, Community Participation and the Role of Architects/ Design Professionals; Retrofitting of Existing Environments; Planning and Design of Transient and Impermanent Spaces. Thinking
Tanaya Verma Sustainability, Environment, Grean Technologies, Planning and bylaws. Biomimicray, Architectural Education Thinking Making

  • Brief list of dissertation & thesis topics (detailed catalogue available in Library)
  • Research interests of faculty members
  • Previous projects



As a part of Quality Improvement, the faculty members at SSAA participate in academic and knowledge transfer activities including seminars, conferences and events.

Seventh Urban Mobility India Conference and Expo 2014: Sustainable Transport For Sustainable Cities, ‘Organised by Institute Of Urban Transport (India) and Ministry Of Urban Development, Government Of India, Manekshaw Centre, Near Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. 25th – 28th November, 2014.

Planning and Development Laws: Court Cases, Institutional Responses and Implications for Planned Development, ‘Organised by The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi and Town and Country Planning Organisation, as part of the HUDCO Chair activities, Institute Of Town Planers India, New Delhi, 25th – 27th September, 2014.

National Seminar on ‘Public Participation in Planning’, ‘Organised by The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi as part of the HUDCO Chair activities, on 22 and 23 January, 2015.

‘Smart & Safe Mobility in Sustainable Cities: Technology, Infrastructure and Design’, Organised by Virtual Info Systems Pvt Limited Mumbai, NSIC Exhibition Complex New Delhi, On 7 – 9 January, 2015.


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