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As a sequel to the workshops being organised for the new hotel
management aspirants, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University, organised a workshop on Fruits and Vegetable Carving on Friday, June 23, 2017.
The faculty members of the school started the workshop by having the students play a game which made them feel at ease with each other. This was followed by a brief about the hotel industry being more of art than a science, followed by which they were given an audio-visual presentation about the art of carving vegetables and fruits.
” I am really glad to attend this workshop – I have never seen this art before. It was fun seeing the chefs do it with such ease and comfort – I know that I will also be able to do it one day…” was the comment of one of the students.
One of he parents who attended the workshop consecutively for the second time, had the following to say: “I could see that there is a very close and effective interaction between the staff, the faculty members and the rest of the team, which has a lot of rigour “
Most of the students, for whom it was a maiden attempt with a knife, were able to carve flowers, swans, geese and even a banana racing car…
The workshop on next Friday will be on Chocolates and Candies – a subject which the students are already very excited about…



As part of the series of workshops conducted for the students either having already taken admission into the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University or showing a keen interest to join the course, the theme of today’s workshop was on Sandwiches. The students show-cased their maiden culinary talent in producing sandwiches of their choice and their own innovation…
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As part of the series of workshops conducted for the students either having already taken admission into the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ansal University or showing a keen interest to join the course, the theme of today’s workshop was on Sandwiches. The students show-cased their maiden culinary talent in producing sandwiches of their choice and their own innovation…

I just live being in the kitchen” remarked one of the students while the parents, also clad in Chef’s caps in the kitchen admired the dexterity of their children on work stations. “I never thought this would turn out to be so interesting” was the remark of one of the mothers who expressed all her cheer and happiness.

The next workshop on 22nd June will be on Vegetable and fruit carving, followed in the subsequent week by chocolate making.


Students of School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM) have reached France to undergo a 10 week summer internship. STHM is offering the under-graduate programme in collaboration with Vatel Business School (France). Winner of the Worldwide Hospitality awards in 2016, Vatel is today the No. 1 School of Hospitality in the world with presence in over 40 campuses in 29 countries.

In an endeavour to develop manpower with competitive qualities at par with Global Standards in India, this collaboration is working very well for the students of the School. They have been given opportunities for prestigious internships abroad, through which they get a taste of international hospitality –  a rare learning opportunity so early on in their academic careers.


In the latest issue of FHRAI (The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India), Dean, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Dr. RajKishor Bhandari shares his viewpoint on hospitality education at Ansal University, and how the international collaboration with Vatel is giving students the much desired International exposure, making students industry ready.
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On 30th April 2017 on the occasion of their participation in the 11th Vatel International Convention in Mauritius, Dean Rajkishor Bhandari and Director Vatel Laurent Guiraud visited 16 students actually undergoing their 22 weeks Industrial Training on the island.
Rendez-vous had been taken for Sunday morning at 9 and when the two gentlemen reached the students’ residence they found everybody asleep as boys and girls had only been back from their hotel shift around 2 am. Within a few minutes everyone was up though and smiling faces had replaced sleepy ones…
Faculty and students were happy to see each other after such a long time and both sides confessed on how they had missed each other.A lot was discussed on how things were shaping up in terms of internship and life in general on the island. After a few photographs were clicked it was time to bid farewell, a bit of an emotional moment for all, but no worries August will bring us back together to begin a triumphal 5th semester!

24th April, 2017 – Vatel School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University organized a get-together to bid adieu to final year students.

“It is actually very difficult to say goodbye to you students, with whom we have had a close association of more than a 1000 days. However, for us, this isn’t a separation – we know that we will be associated with each other forever and will cherish the memories of having spent an excellent time together at the University” Said the Dean, Mr. R.K. Bhandari, who equally stressed upon hard work, without which, nothing was ever achievable.

Thereupon, it was an open house, wherein the seniors did exactly what the juniors asked them to do – be it mimicking a teacher, dancing, singing a song or acting like a half inebriated man. An over-enthusiastic student also exhibited his mettle by doing a hundred push-ups on the stage. The junior students took a lot of care in preparing and serving to their seniors Avadhi delicacies and a mocktail Green Apple Sparkle, rounded off with a delicious fruit cream.

“The seeds which we sowed and nurtured have finally bloomed” said Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director of the Vatel programmes in India.​..

Everybody wished the passing-out batch good luck and looked forward to their continuous advice in future…



As a sequel to the various academic activities oriented towards the overall exposure and hands-on experience for the students, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM), Ansal University, in collaboration with Nestlé India Limited, organised Nestlé Young Chef Competition on April 21, 2017 within the University premises.


Students of 2nd and the 6th Semesters of STHM took a very enthusiastic and keen interest in the competition, for which strict modalities were specified by Nestlé. During the 4-hour competition filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm, ten teams comprising of three students in each team were given the open challenge to exhibit their skills and produce a starter, a main course dish and a dessert. The choice was Indian, Thai, Continental or oriental cuisines – all with the matching ingredients, accompaniments and garnishes. Preparation of one item of bakery was also necessary.


Students of 2nd Semester, for whom this was the first-ever opportunity to participate in a culinary competition, boldly gave their names for this contest. “Sir, even if we do not win a prize, we are determined to learn about how to handle such competitions in future


Specialised events of such nature can’t be solemnised without the presence and active involvement of industry experts; Chef. Ajay Anand, Director of Culinary, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, Chef. Ashish Dhar, Chief Culinary Designer, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity were called upon to judge the performance of students and to give their expert comments about the taste, the texture, the colour, the appearance and the consistency of the dish, in relation to what was specified by the Company.


Ms Smriti Khanna, Regional Home Economist, Nestle India Limited, who was the overall in-charge of the event said “I was overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm, the fervor, the rigor and the excitement of these young students. We look forward to organize the events in future also.”

Prof. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM who considers such opportunities to be an integral part of the structured learning, said “Until the students do not have the urge to excel or are not given to work under pressure, they cannot exhibit their competence; neither can they reveal their true love for this very fine trade. Besides, several new things come up during such events, which leave an indelible mark in their minds


“The best in you comes out only when you take part in a fierce competition and such competitions, besides putting you in a testing situation, promote a lot of teamwork, camaraderie and the will to excel” said Mr. Laurent Guiraud, director of the Vatel programmes in India.



Industrial training exposes student to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain the knowledge through hands on observation and job execution. School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University students who completed their Industrial exposure in the best hospitality brands are evaluated by Chef Anuj Mathur (Sous Chef, Marriott Hotels) and Mr. Simrit Mamik (Front Office Manager, Taj Hotels) at the University premises.


On 20th and 21st January 2017, Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel at Ansal University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management was invited as key note speaker and panelist by Graphic Era University Dehradun for an International Conference on Trends, Issues and Women in Hospitality. The Conference was inaugurated by the Governor of Uttarakhand Krishna Kant Paul, Chancellor Dr. Kamal Ghanshala and Vice Chancellor Dr. B.V. Babu. The first day saw the intervention of speaker s Dr. Sudhir Andrews, Chef Neha Lakhani and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, the afternoon was spent on 2 technical sessions covering the general topics.

In the evening the dignitaries and guests enjoyed the hospitality of Dr. Vinnay Rana HOD SHM and wonderful performance organized by the University students followed by cocktails and dinner. Day two was dedicated to the presentation of the papers that had been shortlisted and a panel discussion, Mr. Laurent Guiraud discussed how the tie up amongst universities in different geographical locations will help in development of hospitality programmes and what qualities a hospitality student should have to work internationally.

These 2 days were rich in learning; we thank Graphic Era University’s faculty and students for their invitation and their wonderful hospitality.


Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel Programme and Chef Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor at School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University have taken a group of first year student on Tuesday 24th January to Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mehrauli, New Delhi.

The visit started at the “speakeasy bar” where the Olive renowned thin crust pizza was enjoyed by both students and faculty. A tour of the kitchen, butchery and confectionary was organized by Chef Dhruv Oberoi followed by a workshop on salads. The students discovered the art of plating salads in a fine dining restaurant.
A cocktail session was also planned and master mixologist showcased a few classics such as Old Fashion and green apple Martini.

We thank Chef Dhruv Oberoi and GM Anuj Tyagi of Olive Bar and Kitchen for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to our students


School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has organised a Guest lecture on “recent innovations in the field of Culinary Art & Industry expectations from the students.” for the students. Chef Amit Dash, Executive chef, Marriott Gurugram, conducted the session by sharing experiences of chef’s role and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in culinary as it has a bright future. In lecture chef interacted with the students about the passion that students should have during the course.


In the framework of their course “introduction to the world of hospitality business” a group of 1st year Vatel students at Ansal University and Mr. Laurent Guiraud visited Cyber Hub, Gurugram on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

The visit was mainly intended for students to understand the concept, the demographics in the region, the reason of the success and observe how what started as a F&B centric space is now offering an era of other services such as hair salons, convenience stores, banks etc…

Students also discovered new trends in the F&B world and were asked to research a few brands such as Chai Point, The wine company, Farzi Cafe…

These visits are essential for our Hotel Management students to understand today’s multi-faceted Hospitality Industry and keep up with the pace of its expansion.


Parent’s engagement in students learning always improves student’s achievement & creates platform for honest feedback/ communication.

To involve parents towards learning of students, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has organised a Parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017 in university auditorium hall. The main purpose of meet was to create a common platform, where faculty and parents come together to enrich the student’s educational experiences and discuss variety of issues, regarding all round development of students.

The event was well attended by Parents/Guardians of students. Dean- School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University, Professor R. K Bhandari shared the progress of school with all attendees.


Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel Programme, School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University has taken a group of first year student on Friday 3rd February for a laundry visit to Crown Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon, where the student got a hands on experience about the recent trends and practices in housekeeping department. Mr Jayant Bakshi, Head of the Laundry Operations took the students for a tour of the facility, various techniques of cleaning and ironing were explained.

The visit ended with an interaction with Training Manager, Ms Aakriti Bhargawa who shared the expectations of the industry when it comes to hire personnel.


School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has organised a Guest lecture on “Hospitality Industry in the early 21st century- millennial” for the students. Mr. Namit Kharbanda, Human Resources Manager, Hyatt India conducted the session by sharing experiences of demands of hospitality industry and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Mr. Kharbanda interacted with the students about the passion that students should have during the course.


When the weather is nice, there are lots of nice things we want to do. One of them is eat a nice meal. With that thought, School of Tourism & Hotel Management at Ansal University, Gurgoan thought ‘how about a food fest that complements the weather. For the occasion a meal was prepared comprising of various dishes from Jammu & Kashmir.

The feast started with Kahwa (flavorful local tea), Rista (minced meat dumplings in yogurt) and Modur Pulao (a saffron flavored rice preparation) was the highlight of the menu.

For the occasion students decorated the dining room and dressed in traditional Kashmiri attires.Honorable Vice Chancellor Ansal University Dr. Kamlesh Misra congratulated the students for the effort, Registrar and Deans were also part of the theme lunch, the food was enjoyed by all!


Students of VATEL School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University visited and interacted a large number of renowned national and international folk artistes and cultural groups who presented performances at both the Chaupals, the open-air theatres, located in the Mela premises.

Students also discovered craftsmanship from all over the country, Mithila paintings from Bihar, Kalamkari paintings and wood carving from Andhra Pradesh, cane-bamboo and natural fiber from Assam, Kalamkari Mata ni Pachedi and woolen shawls from Gujarat, papier mache from J&K and palm leaf engraving from Odhisha to name a few.

Of course the fair wouldn’t have been complete without the multitude of outlets serving food from various states much appreciated by Students and Faculty after all the walking around.


On 15th Feb 2017, Mr. Subir Malakar and Mr. Sidharth Srivastava, Faulty, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Ansal University, Golf Course Road, Gurgoan presented a paper on “Towards a conceptual of Model Destination Brand Equity” at International Conference on Gastronomy, Tourism and Globalization at Le Cordon Blue School of Hospitality.


In modern hospitality business, it is all about competence of people. The modern consumers demand a high level of service. Employees thus have to be on the top to ensure the survival and development of the hospitality establishment. Hence, faculty and student training are essential in this sector. It increases productivity by developing professional knowledge, experienced skills and valid thoughts. To ensure the same School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University have organised a platform learning series where Mr Manakjeet Singh, Vice President-Hospitality Real estate and procurement, Human Capital Management delivers his expertise on the topic “Outsourcing of facilities in Hospitality Industry.”


Retired Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju visited Vatel Restaurant at School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University on 20th February and experiences the mystic of an Awadhi Cuisine steeped deep in aromas and taste prepared by the students. Justice Katju along with other senior officials and dignitaries enjoyed the flavours of delicacies ranging from kebab kormaa and biryanis that have kept the centuries old awadhi cuisine a royale feast for the connoisseur.


School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University has forged alliances with award winning hotels and other allied hospitality areas. Students at Ansal University have a distinct advantage of corporate exposure through these multi-faceted collaborations which offers them experiential learning via projects, professional competence, internships, enhanced placement opportunities and skill enhancement. To take it further Mr Srinivas Roa, Director of Talent & Culture at Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity visited School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University and interacted with the upcoming hoteliers from the School.


School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University organized alumni interaction on 06th April 2017 where the alumni interacted with present students of the school and shared their experiences of their time of studies, their journey so far and guided the students to work hard and take pride for being hoteliers. They motivated the students to take their studies seriously so that they can become true professionals of hotel industry. Students were very curious to know the industry expectations and alumni shared their views on that and acted as mentors for the students.


Alumni of the School also ensured that in future they will support them and be available for any kind of guidance. This was a good initiative by the school and was appreciated by Alumni.

To cherish the memory of this interaction and association, plantation by Alumni,Dean, Faculty, staff & Students was done in the Herbal Garden of the School.



“Gȏut de France” celebrating French cooking was organized from 20-22 March 2017 by School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University, Gurgaon.

This initiative commemorating with  worldwide second edition of Good France, featuring French Gastronomy, was organized by School with   aim to understand art and attributes of French Cooking and to explore French gastronomy in a broader sense. “Gȏut de France” along with sumptuous lunch was organized by the students in the school in Honor of French Cuisine.

Series of workshops, Guest Lectures and Public lectures were organized during this week to celebrate Good France. Support from the industry was  encouraging one.

Michelin-starred Chef Akrame BENALLAL, Owner of Group Akrame Power guided students towards achieving goals through perfection.

Mr Rajindera Kumar, Director Vivanta, by Taj Ambassador, New Delhi , Mr. Tristan BD LOMENIE- Director of Operation LUXE Hotels India & General Manager Delegate – Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity, were some of the other invitees who delivered speeches on the occasion.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Ansal University have believed in “experiential education” which is defined as active student engagement in opportunities to learn through doing and reflection. This empowers students to immediately apply theory to practice under the guidance of expert faculty. To impart the same School organized a Workshop on Sugar Craft & Chocolate Techniques at the University Premises.



Fruit & Vegetable carving is a delightful way to make food into art, or to make fun art that taste good. It’s all about letting go of your inhibitions and using fruit as your medium for artistic expression.  School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University students enjoyed two hours of practical session where they discovered the process of crafting fruit & vegetables into alluring creation.

This workshop was conducted on 13th January’17





















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