PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs with the right competencies and high need for achievement are the forces that initiate economic development of a country. They are also a means of gainful employment for the masses. Although entrepreneurial talents exist in all societies, its emergence depends upon right training interventions.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship is designed as an experiential learning activity and enables students to practice such activities as researching markets for new products / service ideas, producing a business plan with projected financial statements and identifying resources to implement the plan. Students get familiar with the characteristics and motivation of successful entrepreneurs. Students learn how to identify and refine market opportunities, how to secure financing, how to develop and evaluate business plans and manage strategic partnerships. Students learn various concepts including the basics of management, leadership, motivation, decision-making, marketing and sustaining an organization. Students also get basic knowledge of accounting practices and finance. The core course in Entrepreneurship Development & Management equips students with skills and knowledge required to start and sustain their own business.

Career Opportunities:

There are many routes to becoming an entrepreneur: Starting a New Business Concept, Buying a Franchise, Buying an Existing Business, Starting a “Work at Home” Business, Becoming a Consultant.


Graduate or equivalent in any discipline and professional degree holder like B.E/ B.Tech., MBBS,M.Ed., etc.. from a recognized University, MBA & PGD students of final semester awaiting for final results can also apply. For Executive/ weekend program  3 years experience of Industries including his own business is must.


  • The duration of the Diploma Program is twelve months (Two Semester) for regular and working executives.
  • The classes for working executives will be arranged on week end. (Saturday & Sunday)
  • The registration of the participant is valid for three year.
  • The fresh registration will be allowed at the start both the semester, i.e. January and July every year.

Course Fee

Rs 50000/= (Can be paid in two equal installments of 25000/=)

Programme Structure

The program focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills which are required managing their own new or existing organization or Business.


Course Code Semester I (Part – A) Practical Credits Lecture Credits Tutorial Credits Total Credits
16DEN-0EN11T Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2 1 3
16DEN-0PP11C Project Planning & Implementation. 1 2 1 4
16DEN-0LB11T Legal Aspects of Business 2 1 3
16DEN-0FA11C Financial Accounting 1 2 1 4
16DEN-0GM11T Principles and practice of Management 2 1 3
16DEN-0FS11C Feasibility  Study and Market survey 4 0 4





(One of Following)a. Economic Environment of a Business. or

c. Export Import business. or

d. Real Estate & Infrastructure. or

e. Textile Industry.

2 2 4
Total Credits 8 12 5 25



Course Code Semester II (Part -B) Practical Credit Tutorial  Credit Tutorial Credits Total Credits
16DEN-0SS12C Entrepreneurial Motivation & Soft Skills 2 2 4
16DEN-0MM12T Sales and Marketing Management 2 1 3
16DEN-0FM12C Finance Management 1 2 1 4
16DEN-0MS12C Management Information Systems and E – Commerce 2 2 4
16DEN-0LM12C Logistics and Supply Chain Management 1 2 1 4
Project Work 4 4


(Any one of the following)a. Organization Behavior

b.  Human Resources Management

2 1 3
Total  Credits 10 12 4 26




  • A feasibility and market survey is to be undertaken during the 1st semester and a report to be submitted at the end of the is term. To prepare project report necessary Guidelines are provided by the University.
  • A project Report (Building & Presenting a Business plan) to be taken up after completion of the part – A papers noted above. To prepare project report necessary Guidelines are provided by the University.
  • Besides the above credits, all students will have to take up minimum two TDL / SD courses in I and II semesters of their choice to earn 04 credits (two credits per TDL /SD course).
  • The TDL / SD courses offered and their contents will be announced by the University separately.
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