1. Up-gradation of skills of unemployed youth to facilitate the supply of skilled manpower, ready to work in Industry, where there is acute shortage of semi – skilled & skilled manpower.
  2. To help the unemployed, particularly the dropout youths and youths from disturbed area like J & K in getting job – employment or self employment through skilling to play an important role in the Skilling India, the flagship program of the Govt. of India. NSDC to facilitate training of 150 million people by 2022 by out of total target of country of skilling of 500 million people by 2022.
  3. To organise on the job training placement like: NEEM of AICTE to enhance the employability of the students. The academics merged with skill training will add value & enhance the chance of employment of the students of the university.
  4. To prepare ground for Level Based Training System, which is likely to be followed in India as is being followed in the foreign Universities. The trained students will act as a feeder to the university’s courses.
  5. To take benefit of the huge untapped resource like: Faculty, Library, laboratory & workshops available at the Ansal University.
  6. To develop the SSED to level of community college in advanced countries.
  7. To organize Training of Trainers,  workshops, seminars and conferences in the area of Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurial Skills Development
  8. To keep updated about development in the industry, by providing research, consultancies, counseling, re-training and MDPs.
  9. To develop and adopt modern methods and innovations in curriculum and training methodologies.
  10. To identify new training areas and develop of modern and innovative training material.
Ansal University