Human Resources

Ansal University is monitoring the progress of its Skill Development Activities on daily, Monthly and annual basis. Centers will be required to provide the attendance of Trainers/ classes held and no. of trainees present on daily basis. The monthly progress report would contain the following: 1. No of persons surveyed, 2. No of persons counseled, 3. No of persons registered, 4. No of persons trained, 5.No of skilled persons employed and their salary & 6. Names of the employers of trained.

Qualified and experience Faculty are engaged for Curriculum Development and for conducting training programmes. However, most of trainers will be engaged on the Honorarium basis.

Further, dedicated, qualified and experienced persons are employed for performing activities relating to placement, escort & follow-up and linkages with the industries and organizations.

SSED is keeping a record of all academic developments, persons trained/ skilled and passed the assessment test along with their location of placement for follow-up.

Similarly, for control of finance & accounts, a proper records are being maintained, audited and prepare utilization certificate, which may be required to be submitted to the sponsoring organizations.

For proper functioning and to carry out its activities following human resources have been deployed;

  1. Director
  2. Joint Registrar
  3. Program Coordinators
  4. Office Assistants.
Ansal University