To fulfill its objectives, SSED has adopted the following innovative approach, to have multiplier effect in the Skill Development area by:-

  1. Adapting sustainable business model in the medium-long term
  2. Partnering with prospective employers, Central & state governments or financial institutions
  3. Targeting skill sets or student populations with huge unmet needs.
  4. Organizing preliminary market research to assess opportunities.
  5. Collaborating with Industry peak bodies, Sector Skill Councils, Industry Associations, trade unions, Employers Organisations, ILO, UNIDO and Training organizations.
  6. Organising quality training programme to develop skills of Indian youth as per the industry and employer expectations.
  7. Continually update existing and develop new skills development programs by maintaining ongoing communications with the industry and other stakeholders.
  8. Maintaining regular communication with employed graduates and encourage them for further up-skilling to attain global recognition.
  9. The school has decided to conduct training programme In-house at the University and at the sights after thorough study of training needs.
  10. School plan to develop training material in both Hindi and English.
Ansal University