About the program The program has been designed to gain proficiency in basic management techniques so as to fulfill positions in the operational and functional levels of management as well as to empower the students who seek to become business leaders with higher education in the field. It will also give specialized skills in areas where immediate openings in industry can be suitably manned.

Admission Criteria


Sl.No. Course ELIGIBILITY Admission Process Annual Fees Annual Fees
1 BBA(General) Overall aggregate of 50% marks at 10+2 1) 10+2 marks: 70% 2) Personal Interview: 30% Rs. 1,60,000/- per year 3 years

Course Structure


Course Code Course Title
SS1000 Soft Skills – I
TDL Trans Disciplinary Learning
ENG1000 English
GM1001 Principles of Management
ECO1000 Business Economics
AMT1004 Elementary Statistical Methods –I
CS1501 Fundamentals of Computers
FIN1000 Financial Accounting


Course Code Course Title
SS1001 Soft Skills – II
TDL Trans Disciplinary Learning
GM1003 Organizational Behavior
ECO1001 Macro Economics
AMT1005 Elementary Statistical Methods –II
CS1500 Introduction to MS Office
FIN1001 Cost Accounting
GM1004 Environment Management

Minor Summer Project: At the end of second semester the students are required to do a Minor Summer Project of 4-5 weeks duration and submit a Project report during third semester by a stipulated date.


Course Code Course Title
SS1002 Soft Skills – III
TDL Trans Disciplinary Learning
GM1000 Business Environment
HR1000 Human Resource Management
MKT1000 Marketing Management
CS3000 Data Base Management Systems
FIN1002 Accounting for Managers
ENP1000 Corporate Values & Ethics
GM1920 Project Work – -I Minor/ Introduction to Industry


Course Code Course Title
SS1003 Soft Skills – IV
TDL Trans Disciplinary Learning
OM1000 Production & Operations Management
RC1000 Research Methodology
LAW1000 Business Laws
FIN1003 Financial Management
IT1501 Internet and World Wide Web

Major Summer Project: At the end of fourth semester the students are required to undergo a summer training of 6-8 weeks duration for a Major Project work and submit a report during V Semester by a stipulated date.


Course Code Course Title
SS1004 Soft Skills – V
CS1505 Management Information Systems
GM1009 Project Planning & Evaluation
ENP1001 Entrepreneurship Development
GM1921 Project Work –I Major / Industry Appraisal
SPECIALISATIONS (Select any one group & then select any 2 courses from the chosen group)
GM1008 Consumer Behavior
GM1010 Sales and Distribution Management
GM1011 Services Marketing
GM1008 Security Analysis and Investment Management
GM1010 Advanced Financial Management
GM1011 Taxation Law
HR1002 Industrial Relations and Labor Laws
HR1003 Training and Development
HR1001 Cross-Cultural and Global HR Management
Course Code Course Title
SS1005 Soft Skills – VI
GM1012 Introduction to Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
GM1013 Global Business Management
GM1007 Business Policy & Strategic Management
GM1922 Project Work – II
SPECIALISATIONS (Select any one group & then select any 2 courses from the chosen group)
RTL1000 Introduction to Retail Concepts
RTL1002 Retail Selling Skills & Visual Merchandising
BKG1001 Principles of Banking
INS1000 Principles of Insurance
HPT1001 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Industry
TRS1002 HRM & IT Trends in Tourism

Note: Besides the above credits, all students will have to take up minimum four TDL courses in any four semesters of their choice to earn 08 credits (two credits per TDL course). The credits thus earned will be included in the respective semester, where they are taken. The TDL courses offered and their contents will be announced by the University separately.

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