The School of Law, Ansal University visions to produce best legal practitioners and corporate lawyers.

  • Adoption of innovative approaches towards law, legal education, training and legal processes through capacity building of the students and facilitating access to advanced courses in law.
  • Continuous engagement of students with the processes and practice of law in the professional, social and economic spheres of life by ensuring interaction between the persons manning institutions of law and the consumers of justice.
  • Development of technical, advocacy, communication and research skills not only through taught courses but also through practical training and engagement with the industry, community and the state.
  • Expansion of facilities for advanced research in law, introduction of new and vibrant courses and for augmenting the capacity to undertake consultancies and projects with state, national and international agencies, industry etc.
  • Adoption of multidisciplinary approach in the study of law to develop greater synergy between classroom lectures, conventional professionalism and alternative practices in law.
Ansal University