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CREs or the  Court Room Exercise with an emphasis on correct researching, in-depth analysis of precedents and excellent oratory skills, so as to familiarize students with the courtroom atmosphere long before their actual arrival on the legal scene. All students compulsorily participate in Court Room Exercises as it also forms a part of the evaluation scheme of every law subject. These exercises are conducted by the faculty members teaching respective subjects and the factual problem with the students argue on deals with the particular area of law that subject

  • Projects and Role Playing for Management courses
  • Discussion to prepare students for their future roles as public orators
  • Case studies for analyzing history and trends including business case studies
  • Simulation techniques for encountering real life situations
  • Projects in various non-law subjects to sharpen the researching skills of students at the threshold stage.
  • Conducting Regular Corporate workshops by distinguished Attorneys, Managing Partners and Associates from National and International Law Firms on diversified legal and Business issues of contemporary significance.
  • Inviting Regular guest speaker sessions and seminars with eminent scholars across different sectors in India and outside. Tailored teaching methods as per the students learning capacity, course contents and learning goals

Ansal University School of Law is the pioneer among the law schools in India to establish a permanent Advocacy and Mediation Skills Clinic for imparting training in advocacy and mediation performance skills to its students on a continuous basis. The School of Law has initiated the setting up of an ‘Advocacy and Mediation Skills Clinic’ with the objective of instilling the art of advocacy and mediation skills among its students as the clinic will endeavor to impart instruction on the methodology of ‘Learning by doing’ to develop the performance skills of a student which includes how to make oral arguments, cross-examination of witnesses, case analysis and ethics to be maintained in the courts while professing law which makes us stand apart from the other universities. These skills are focused on the practical aspect of law in addition to the moot court practice, and it assist regardless of the area of practice of individuals as advocates. The clinic is set up to serve two-way objective for the students, which focus on advocacy skills and mediation. Where advocacy skills aid students to learn and inculcate the ethics and performance skills as an advocate and the mediation skills will put them on another level that is of mitigating a dispute between parties as a moderator. The clinic will involve the students to learn and be part of real life cases and mediate on the same under supervision. This will help the students to implement and practice the legal knowledge they attain in the classroom.

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