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About the School:

Ansal University, a leader in providing innovative education, delivered by a world-class faculty, in the leading financial and industrial city of India, Gurgaon located in the Delhi National Capital Region. The school of Law was established at Ansal University in 2014 to impart quality legal education with a view to produce world-class professionals, scholars and academics in Law and other legal disciplines. Globalization has posed many new challenges and opportunities, which have created the need for competent scholars, lawyers and academics. The role of Ansal University and the School of Law is to equip its students with such knowledge, skills, scholarship and to meet these challenges and demands of globalization. Law colleges in Gurgaon

School of Law, to cater the emerging new legal landscape provides a clear framework for our students to be the leaders of the legal profession and beyond. It strives to create a new model in the field of legal education with its emphasis on corporate culture so that its graduates can enter the emerging legal career options. School of Law is recognized by the Bar Council of India and University Grants Commission. Best law colleges in India

USP of the School.

  • Highly qualified faculty and advisors with multinational experiences and qualifications
  • World-class facilities.
  • Strong linkages with Industry, Law Firms, Corporate Business Houses, Senior Advocates of High Courts, Supreme Court and regulatory bodies.
  • Emphasis on Clinical Legal Education.
  • Students’ participation in national and international moot-court competitions.
  • Outreach programmes (Lok Adalat, Legal Literacy Camps, Seminars, Conferences etc.)
  • Inter-disciplinary Research.
  • Joint research projects with International Organisations like United Nations.
  • Individualized attention for our students.
  • Regular seminars and lectures by eminent Judges, advocates of Supreme Court and High Court, industry leaders and practitioners, International Organizations and social activists.
  • Unique course specializations at both undergraduate and graduate level with special consideration on industrial needs and placements.
  • Further to enhance in-house capacity for specializations, School of Law has established research and training centers, like ‘Advocacy and Mediation Skills Clinic’ and ‘Global Center for IPR Education and Research’.



  • Approved by The Bar Council of India
  • High quality knowledge based curriculum
  • Rigorous class teaching and research
  • Strong linkages with industry, law firms, advocates and regulatory bodies
  • Contemporary courses in the areas of Cyber Law, Air Space Law, Competition Law, IPR Law and Human Rights Law.
  • Scholarship to meritorious students , Law colleges in Delhi NCR



  • Classroom lectures by well qualified and experienced faculty with more than a 100 lectures per subject each semester.
  • Court Room Exercise (CRE) with an emphasis on researching, in depth analysis of precedents and enhancing oratory skills so as to familiarize students with the court room atmosphere long before their actual arrival on the legal scene.
  • Case studies for analyzing past history and trends including present case studies.
  • Regular workshops by distinguished Advocates, Managing Partners and Associates from National and International Law Firms on diversified legal and business issues of contemporary significance. Law colleges in Delhi
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