Student Projects

Quad Bike

A vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control, developed by Vikrant, Yogesh, Chirag, Rahul and Shekhar- Mechanical Engineering Students of School of Engineering & Technology!
This an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, quad bike, four-wheeler which is defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
Designing an off-road vehicle intended for the non-professional weekend off-road enthusiast is the mission of this project. The overall objective is to have a vehicle that will trek all the major hurdles with ease and manufacturing of quad bike by reusing waste materials of a quad bike and powering it with125cc EYX engine. This machine sets rider in motion with three forward gears and a reverse gear.




Solar Golf Cart


Solar Golf Carts are powered by mounting a photovoltaic (PV) or thin film panel on top of the existing roof or using a PV panel as the roof itself. A controller converts the sun’s energy to charge the golf cart’s 36-volt or 48-volt battery bank. Not only does the solar power take the cart off the electric grid, it also increases the driving distance and extends the life of the batteries.

Our focus is to make a solar powered golf cart which can be used to carry golfers
from one hole to the next. When it is standing still the solar panels charge up the batteries and it is the batteries that power the electric motors, directly. As the vehicle is not in continuous use the batteries have time to charge up before they are needed.






Automated Car Parking System is designed to solve the problem of traffic congestion and to ensure efficient parking in malls and multiplexes. Implementation of this idea will make this system and process faster, more reliable, cost-effective and secure. It ensures that the car enters the parking area only if there is a vacant slot available, thus reducing delays and unnecessary inconvenience to the people while parking. The main objectives of any automated car parking system are identifying availability of vacant slots. The Seven segment display shows the available Slots in the parking lot. IR sensors are connected to each parking slot. If Slot available the LED light glows, But if slot is occupied, LED light is turned off. This reduces the stress to find a parking spot in multilevel car parking. One can simply see if a light is glowing in at a slot to see whether the place is available. If Seven segment displays shows 0, then the barrier does not open, not allowing any other car to enter the parking lot. It will only open once a car comes out.




This project presents an elementary robot that can be controlled remotely using primarily the RF mode.  a CMOS wireless camera has been employed which can capture and transmit data wirelessly in real time and the real time video can be viewed at a remote centre.  The RF remote control has the advantage of adequate range (upto 200m with proper antenna) besides being omnidirectional. The proposed robot can move in forward and reverse direction. One can also steer the bot towards left and right. The proposed RF spy robot has been made in the simplest of ways and very cost efficiently.



Sonar Security System is the most hyped and discussed topic in today’s time. The idea behind the project is privacy & security of a sensitive area by detecting intruders based on their physical presence. The system uses ultrasonic sensor which periodically emits ultrasonic signals into an open area in front of it and a rotating servomotor which allow the sensor to cover roughly 180 degrees (both controlled by Arduino Uno). Whenever the signal hits a physical object, it will display object’s frontal cross sectional area onto the semi-circular graphical PPI (in MATLAB) and alerts the user by LEDs, Buzzer & call or SMS.




The microcontroller based door locking system has been designed that allows only authorized person to access the restricted area. The system is full controlled by 8 bit microcontroller AT89S52 which has a 4K byte ROM for the program memory .The password is stored in EEPROM so that it can be changed any time by using a master key. The password entered by the user  is matched with the password stored in the memory of the microcontroller. If Correct Password is entered, a relay switches on for some time and this can be connected to any electronic lock. If Incorrect Password is entered a buzzer alert is generated and sensor alert message is sent to the fed number via GSM modem.






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