Higher Education, in particular Technical Education, in India has changed drastically in its content and teaching-learning approaches with resultant transformation of how societies respond function in recent years due to deployment of wide spread use of technology. Traditional teaching techniques, based mainly on a teacher explaining a topic and students taking notes, while still has relevance, education today revolves more around encouraging the Student to awaken their curiosity and desire to learn.  Here in SET at AU, various teaching aids besides Textbooks are being used to pique Students’ interest and demonstrate how things work innately.  Visual aids, such as whiteboards or chalkboards, charts, power point presentations, cut sections, 3D-Models, Wall-charts are commonly used.  Presentation tools such as bulletin boards, audio visual equipment, and overhead projectors are also utilized frequently along with multimedia displays and computers.  Design thinking techniques based on resolving real-life cases through group analysis, brainstorming, innovation and creative ideas, class room discussions, role play and critical thinking assignments are regularly used to enhance learning.  To improve employment-readiness, the School regularly conducts Seminars, Workshops, sends Students for Industrial Training, Industrial Visits, Internships besides Lectures by Industry Experts.

Ansal University