• Avoid loose clothing, wear shoes instead of slippers in the Workshop/Labs.
  • Never operate any Machine unless properly trained in its operation.
  • Never touch Moving Parts of Machines, Knobs of Gas Cylinders, Electrically operated Machines without understanding their mode of operation in a safe manner.
  • Follow the instructions duly given by the Faculty/ lab Instructors/ Technical Staff.
  • Make sure that your work does not affect or interfere anybody else in Workshop/ Lab.
  • Always try to understand experiments sincerely from the Faculty/ Instructors.
  • Always keep your mind and focus on your assigned Work Piece/ Job.
  • Always remember the nearest location of the Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Box.
  • Due care should be used while handling Electronic Instruments.
  • Any intentional damage to the Lab Equipment by Students shall be reported to the AU for disciplinary action.


Preparation of Workshop/Lab Report

  • 1 Before coming to the Workshop/Lab in the assigned hour, each Student must read and review appropriate Experiment to be conducted on that day.
  • Each Student is required to write a neat and clean Report for the Experiment to be conducted without copying.
  • Reports will be checked/signed by Faculty within a week of completion of Experiment.
  • Weightage will be given for technical discussion with the Lab Faculty over the results.
  • Students should remain prepared to undergo viva voce during any Lab hour on


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