Exams & Results

The academic performance of students is adjudged by the aggregate of continuous mid Semester Evaluation (MSE) and the End Semester Examination (ESE)

  • The weightage of End Semester Examination (ESE) to Mid Semester Evaluation (MSE) of the courses is 60% to 40%.
  • The scheme of mid semester evaluation will depend upon the nature of the course.
  • Distribution of Mid Semester Evaluation (MSE) of 40 marks will be as follows:
    • Internal Test
    • Quiz/Presentation/Lab Work



Faculty Assessment

Subject to individual faculty methodology & assessment


The level of student’s academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and final examination shall be reflected by letter grades on a four point scale according to the connotation as per table given below:

Grade Qualitative Meaning Grade Point Attached
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Borderline 1
F Fail 0

General guidelines for award of Grades are:

  • The range of marks for “A” grade shall be the upper limit of “B” grade to 100%. The range of marks for “C” grade shall be from 50% to lower limit of “B” grade. The lower limit of “D” Grade will be 40%. Students getting less than 40% marks will be declared fail in that course.

Passing criteria

A student has to fulfill the following conditions to pass any academic programme:

A student should earn minimum “D” grade in all courses separately. However, he/she can improve his/her grade (“D” grade onwards) by re-appearing.

  • To pass a course, student must obtain 40% marks in the aggregate of Mid Semester Evaluation (MSE) & End Semester Examination (ESE). In order to pass a particular course, student must appear in the Final examination irrespective of the marks obtained in the Mid Semester Evaluation.
  • For successful completion of a programme, the student should secure a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0 at the end of final year of the Programme.

Promotion to subsequent semesters/years

  • The students will not be debarred from going to the 2nd year, irrespective of their result of the 1st year.
  • They will be promoted to 3rd year only if atleast 60% of the courses prescribed in the 1styear (excluding TDL & Soft Skills) are clear.
  • . Finally the candidates will become eligible to earn the degree only if minimum 2.00 CGPA on the scale of 4.00 CGPA is achieved.



There is a provision for re-appearing in the examination (without attending the course-work again) for a course. Re-appearing in examination will be in following cases:

  • A student, who has fulfilled the attendance requirement and is eligible to appear in an examination but fails to appear in the examination, shall be eligible to subsequently re-appear in the examination when scheduled for next batch of students.
  • In case, a student re-appears in the next session, permission will not be granted to re-appear in Internal Exams.
  • In case, a student re-appears in the next session, permission to re-appear in Internal Exams will be granted to improve to only those students who have secured less than 40% marks in the Internals.


Improvement of score

  • A student shall be allowed to improve his SGPA and CGPA by re-appearing in the Examination(s) in the Courses of his choice when these examinations are held in normal schedule in which case his Mid Semester Evaluation (MSE) shall be carried forward. However, In case of students having poor marks in Mid Term exam (Internal Test), a chance will be given to improve to only those students who have secured less than 40% marks in Internals. The marks obtained in that course(s) shall be taken into consideration for calculating the SGPA and CGPA and eligibility for award of a degree.
  • A student, who has failed to secure the required passing CGPA i.e. 2.0 shall, have the option to re-appear in the Final Examinations of those courses in which he/she desires to improve his/her performance in order to secure the minimum CGPA, when these examinations are scheduled for next batch of students.


Rechecking/ Reevaluation of answer books of end semester examination

  • Student is entitled to ask for re-checking or re-evaluation of any of his/her paper(s) on the payment of prescribed fee within 15 days from the declaration of the result.
  • If the re-evaluated/ re-checked marks are less than the earlier obtained marks, the same re-evaluated marks will be treated as final.


Disciplinary control of students in examinations

  • The student shall maintain proper discipline and orderly conduct during the examinations. They shall not make use of any unfair or dishonest means or indulge in disorderly conduct in the examinations.
  • No student will be allowed to appear in the Examination unless he/she is carrying his/her ID card during Mid Term Examination and Admit Card during End Semester Examination.

If a student is found in possession of written/printed matter related to the subject of examination on anything (such as mobile phone, piece of paper or cloth, scribbling pad etc.), other than the answer book, any other response sheet specifically provided by the University to the candidate, it will be treated as act of unfair means and such cases will be forwarded to Unfair Means Committee.

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