Social Awareness

SSD was the event sponsor for the event organized by Asha Foundation- ‘Celebrating students from slum communities of Delhi’ in October 2013. The event saw students of Asha Foundation walk the ramp in garments designed by SSD. The School also donated the garments and a few textile pieces to the Foundation. Eminent fashion designers Gaurav Jai Gupta and Pia Pauro were present at the event.

Community outreach programs are inspired by the “come to learn, go to serve” philosophy. They help in the holistic development of students. Students take great pride in reaching out and providing benefit to local residents and slum dwellers through various volunteering services such as: supportive counseling, vocational assistance, health & hygiene and wellness programs.

Much of this community outreach happens through-

  • AU as the home of Koshish KKDK
  • AU as a YES Center
  • AU as the home of Koshish KKDK

Koshish KKDK (KoshishKuchKarDikhane Ki) is a voluntary student group for overall social development. A large number of students are members of “Koshish”. The resident students have a big role in the organization and activities of the group. The four main objectives of the group are:

  • Primary Education & Health Care for Underprivileged Children
  • Taking Action for Environment Protection through Eco-drives
  • Personality Development/ Mentoring of the Student Members
  • General Awareness

To fulfill these objectives KoshishKuchKarDikhane Ki (KKDK) organizes performances, exhibitions and donation campaigns from time to time in the University’s premises.

The motto of Koshish KKDK is “Serve humanity and boost your dignity.” A teaching site for underprivileged students has also been established at the campus. Through its multifarious activities, Koshish KKDK intends to sensitize the larger AU community towards the tremendous potential for creativity and development existing among all children, no matter where they come from provided they are guided on the right path. At another level, the group makes a meager attempt to integrate the disadvantaged children of India into the “mainstream”.

The group is well connected interpersonally and has a Facebook group as well.

Ansal University is a YES Center for The International Award for Young People. It is a youth development programme, which provides a platform to young individuals to discover their hidden talents and also contribute towards social development. The Award does not only give an International recognition but also acts as a platform for the youth to touch new horizons.

The Award is divided into 5 sections:

  • Skills
  • Physical Recreation
  • Adventure Journey
  • Service
  • Residential Project

To be more connected to the community we have some new plans in the pipeline such as:

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Cleaning of Aravali
  • Tracing the Traffic

It is hoped that students would take advantage of this opportunity in future and to bring this sensibility and sensitivity towards society within their practice as professionals.


Ansal University