Industry Associations

Sushant School of Design is being appreciated for its dedication in the field of design education and is facilitating the process of design for anextraordinary list of bright candidates.

The semester-long internship, which is a mandatory segment of the course, strongly prepares the student to experience an array of possible areas of design.

AnsalUniversity has a strong record of job placement over the years.  A designated Placement Officer works closely with students to prepare them for placement based on the student’s interest and the organization/firm’swork profile.

Besides this the institution invites leading architectural organisations such as Morphogenesis, Lotus Designs, C.P.Kukreja, Benjamin West for campus interviews.  The institution had previously tied up with giants such as Philips, Samsung, DLF for direct placements with suitable pay packages.

As the very first batch of SSD has taken flight, the following is the list of Companies taking SSD Semester VIII Interior Design students for semester long internships, some of which are materializing into full-time position:

  • Iqrup Design
  • Mantra One
  • Innovatio
  • Hancock Holding LLC
  • Essentia Environments

We are delighted to share that all our 19 students from the first batch of SSD have been successfully placed for internships assigned this summer.

Names like DASTAKAR, LOCO Design, Vallaya Home, Essentia environments, Iram Sultan have not only selected our students, but appreciated their work and have given a special mention of strong design sensibilities and aesthetics in their work.

Ansal University