The Master of Design Programme (M.Des) is a two year long specialized post-graduate degree course. The programme is open to applicants who hold no previous educational qualification in Design but who demonstrate even so, a strong and dedicated interest in any kind of Art & Design. The course is intended to strengthen ones personal aesthetics & design sensibilities through an independent desire for research. Post Graduate Programs provide a valuable bridge between studentship and professional practice and also allows for progression towards a research degree.

Students wanting to pursue their post-graduate can do so in the following specializations that we offer here at SSD whilst having the flexibility to expand on their specialization of choice


This Program explores all the aspects concerning interior design from the most technical to the more intuitive. Aiming at creating a body of work where the designer successfully combines technical &design knowledge with the strategic ability to identify new scenarios for contemporary living.

Course Structure


Semester I

Course Title
L(hrs/wk) T(hrs/wk) P(hrs/wk) Credits
Design Synthesis 1 4 3
Design Studio I(Project – Residences) 1 4 3
Furniture Design and Joineries 4 2
History of objects 2 2
Construction and Services I(Electrical + Plumbing + Lighting) 2 2 3
Design Basics I 1 4 4
Furnishing 1 4 4
IPR 1 1
Total Credits 22


Semester II

Course Title
L(hrs/wk) T(hrs/wk) P(hrs/wk) Credits
Advanced Material & Processes 2 2
History of Furniture 2 2
Design Studio II(Case Study – Work Spaces ) 1 4 3
Design Studio III(Project – Hospitality) 1 4 3
Construction & Services II(Climate + HVAC + Acoustics) 2 2 3
Life Style Products 1 4 4
Photography 1 2 3
Total Credits 20


Semester III

Course Title
L(hrs/wk) T(hrs/wk) P(hrs/wk) Credits
Final Thesis Project 2 2 6 8
Design for Special Needs 1 1 4 4
Art + Craft Appreciation 2 2
Design Management 1 2 2
Dissertation (Introduction)  + Reseacrch Methods 2 2
Portfolio and Presentation 2 2
Total Credits 20


Semester IV

Course Title
L(hrs/wk) T(hrs/wk) P(hrs/wk) Credits
Internship 12
Dissertation 8
Total Credits 20

The course will provide a broad overview of the entire Luxury industry and outlines the diversity of the numerous luxury sectors: the history, evolution of the luxury market, major players and trends.

We will also provide the students an opportunity to learn and review , understand the dynamics of this industry .Helping them to understand the aspects in making the luxury business decisions such as forecasting ,budgeting and optimizing the business opportunity ,development and analysis of consistent marketing strategies.

The course will also focus on organizational behavior and systems, helping in understanding the dialogue between the providers of luxury and the customer.

  • To develop the knowledge and expertise necessary FOR PROGRESSING IN THE EVER CHANGING luxury and design markets.
  • To implement business, marketing and communication strategies that is adapted to professionals in the luxury market.
  • To acquire a culture of design, its history, knowledge of its materials, its role at the heart of luxury firms.
  • To prepare students for an international career in luxury products category, especially in the emerging markets.


This program offers opportunities to students for positions such as luxury industry consultants, brand managers, business development managers, product managers, communication managers

Admission Criteria

Sl.No. Course ELIGIBILITY Admission Process Course Fees(Annual) Admission Fees Security Deposit (Refundable)
1 M.Design(Interior Design / Luxury In Design & Innovation) Overall aggregate of 50% marks in Graduation (anystream) 1). Graduation marks: 50% 2.) Personal Interview /Portfolio Test : 50% 210000 15000 15000
Ansal University