Attendance rules as given in University Ordinance:

  • Every student shall be required to achieve 75% attendance in all the lectures, tutorials and practicals and participate in seminars arranged in the Department/ Constituent Units and events organized at the School/University level during the programme. However, to account for contingencies such as prolonged illness, accidents, tragedy in the family etc., a relaxation up to a maximum of 15% can be granted by the Head of the respective Teaching Departments.  Thus, the attendance requirement for appearing in the end semester examinations shall be a minimum of 75% (60% after giving relaxation) of the classes actually held in all courses taken together in a semester.    In exigencies, prior permission shall be taken by the student for absence. However, for internal assessment components like class test a faculty may set a required percentage of attendance criteria to ascertain eligibility to appear in such tests.
  • If a student is found to be continuously absent from the classes without any information for a period of 15 days, a notice may be sent to the student about his unauthorized absence under intimation to his guardian/parents. If he still remains absent without the necessary premissions for another 15 days after the date of issue of the notice, the name of such a student shall be struck off the rolls. Such a student shall have to seek the permission of the Vice Chancellor for re-admission and he has to pay required readmission fee.
  • A student with less than 75% of attendance (60% after relaxation) in the lectures, seminars and practicals taken together in a semester/trimester/year, shall be detained from appearing in the examinations.

The minimum attendance requirement if provided by any regulatory authority shall prevail over the attendance requirements stipulated here above.

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