As the very first batch of SSD is ready to fly, the following is the list of Companies taking SSD Semester VIII Interior Design students for 6 months internship:.

  1. Iqrup Design
  2. Mantra One
  3. Innovatio
  4. Hancock Holding LLC
  5. Essentia Environments
  6. Cafe Coffee Day

The following is the list of Companies took SSD Semester VIII Visual Communication Students of the 2013 – 16 batch for 3 months internship:

1.White Ink

2.Ishan Khosla Design

3.Jam & Ketchup


We are delighted to share that all our 19 students from the first batch of SSD have been successfully placed for internships assigned this summer.
Names like LOCO Design, Vallaya Home, Essentia environments, Iram Sultan have not only selected our students, but appreciated their work and have given a special mention of strong design sensibilities and aesthetics in their work



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