Dear Friends,
We are pleased to share the 2017 edition of Ansal University's News Brief. The last year saw significant accomplishments achieved by both students and faculty. We bring highlights of some of these notable feats and events at the institution.


New Leadership at Ansal University

Dr. Kamlesh Misra took up the reins as Vice-Chancellor, Ansal University Gurgaon in January 2017 . Prof. Misra is a PhD from Northeastern University, Boston and did his advanced training in Financial Management of Local and Regional Governments from HIID, Harvard University, Cambridge. He brings with him the experience of working in the United States of America as well as in India which helps him bring the best of both worlds on our University Campus. In India, he is a well-known and reputed strategist and innovative leader in conceiving, organizing and managing educational and research organizations. He combines in him qualities of vision, building, organizing, motivating and leading teams to perform at their peak level. He is well regarded as a thoughtful leader and speaker on the formulation and implementation of corporate strategies, knowledge and innovation management.

Prof. Misra is known for creating some of the most successful models in the education sector without compromising on the ethical dimensions of teaching as a profession. He has held the position of Director of several well-known institutions in India. He was the founding Vice Chancellor of Auro University, Surat before joining Ansal University as its Vice Chancellor.

He defines the vision of Ansal University as “Student Centric,” and he believes that everything on the university campus must be centred on the student community. He brings with him the ability to combine the value system of the east and the academic standards of the western world to produce transformational leadership within the student body. His approach to education for been to ensure that students are move away from dependence on memory to independent thinking and problem solving which is essential for achieving success in life. According to him, Inspiration and motivation are the key drivers for student success and thus, he works with students and teachers to create an environment on the campus that promotes such a culture.

Introducing Sushant School of Liberal Arts

The Sushant School of Liberal Arts has been launched early this year. It offers a three -year B. A. (Hons) degree in Liberal Arts with flexibility and imagination that students can actually use in the workplace. We believe that a strong general education is critical, enriching design, art & architecture, economics and business practice.

The undergraduate programme will be delivered by outstanding faculty, is backed with excellent resources, international relationships and deep industry networks. The Sushant School of Liberal Arts is an excellently located, progressive, career-ready undergraduate opportunity for students in India.

The School is headed by Professor Giles Tillotson, Dean. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and taught for fourteen years at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is also a Fellow (and former Director) of the Royal Asiatic Society, London

SSAA takes forward the legacy of the pioneering architect, Jugal Kishore Chowdhury

A panel 'Celebrating Architecture with Jugal Kishore Chowdhury’ was hosted on March 23, 2017 by the Sushant School of Art and Architecture (SSAA) in collaboration with the Council of Architecture (COA) and the JK Chowdhury Trust. The discussion inaugurated an exhibition of the 'Philosophy and Work' of the pioneering architect. Jugal Kishore Chowdhury who was among the first generation of architects in post-Independence India, a path-finder who was responsible for creating a modern Indian identity in architecture.

The ground-breaking exhibition is the first in the series planned at SSAA that will focus on Modern Indian Masters of architecture. The aim is to provide a platform for celebrating modern architecture in India and to position these architects on the global map. The School also plans to house archives of eminent architects to establish a resource centre of international importance.

Interior Architecture: Where the future lies

Sushant School of Design (SSD) in association with Sushant School of Art and Architecture (SSAA) played host to the second presentation in the series 'Beyond the Skin', written and presented by internationally acclaimed Architect Designer Shalini Misra, in April 2017.

Ms. Misra shared her vision of Interior Architecture by presenting four projects she had recently worked on. Each one of them has been highly acclaimed by clients and industry alike, each equally impressive both in form and finish. She was joined by Sonali Rastogi (Founder Partner - Morphogenesis), Dr Vibhuti Sachdev (Professor and Dean of SSAA) and Professor Mike Knowles (Director SSD).

International Internships

Students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management regularly visit Vatel (France) for a summer internship module which lasts 10 weeks. Currently students are in France and Switzerland under the Marcopolo exchange programme. Students also undergo thorough exposure and training for 22 weeks in reputed star category deluxe hotels in Mauritius, France, Nepal and Switzerland. A group of 18 students of the School, along with the Director of Programme, Mr Amreesh Misra boarded their flight to Nimes, France for the summer internship that started on 7 June 2017. This kind of exposure provides a great learning opportunity for the students and gives them an international experience. Students are getting to discover a different country, a new culture, and new management modes, while learning a foreign language and continuing their education. Being trained by internationally renowned experts and being part of multi-cultural classes is the learning of a lifetime.