Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a massive movement to prepare the future generations become part of India’s growth story by ensuring they were ready with the skills required for the kind of jobs coming their way. Skilling India has been the slogan for this movement. According to Prof. Kamlesh Misra, Vice-Chancellor, Ansal University, this could have been very successfully done if the country that established the ITI’s in its early years after independence would have had the foresight and the determination for the job they were created to achieve. The ITIs unfortunately could not become the centres of excellence for skilling India and had a natural death.

Speaking at the inaugural of the Times Bridge VCs Conclave on Skilling India organized by the Times of India, Prof. Misra emphasized that we need to rework on a new concept of creating National Capability Centers across the country to drive the India skilling movement. He said that we have to learn from countries like Japan and Germany who have been very successful in creating a highly skilled and employable labour force, creating a situation where not all students have to go for higher education.

He optimistically added that India today is in a position to turn the tide in its favour by opening up the vocational education sector to provide the needed workforce for the industry. It is time to establish capability centers in smaller towns and district headquarters and enroll the youth and make them marker ready. Such capability centers can also be opened at universities and colleges across the country in collaboration with Industry to fast track the process of skilling the youth of India.

Please find  coverage in 16th June, TOI
16 Jun 2017
Ansal University