Meet our budding future hotelier

I am extremely​ grateful to ​my college, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at​ Ansal University.

The national and international exposure has been very frequent and varied, not only into the exciting world of hospitality but also by way of me ​personally visiting one of the most renowned hotel management schools​ in the world, VATEL – located in Nimes, France, where I got​ the opportunity​ to interact with the local students and the ones from ​Korea, China, Russia,Tunisia, and a few countries of​ Africa.

​Besides the technical aspect of the course, the inter-cultural learning acquired there has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. My fellow students were always there to work with me as a team in all our endeavors. ​

I was impressed by the methods of imparting lectures in the classrooms​ and conducting practical sessions in the laboratories. Though I must say that the subject-matters discussed at our college in Gurgaon and the ones discussed in Nimes are almost similar, the atmosphere in class there was different in the sense that more and more participation was observed on behalf of the students themselves.

​Besides the valuable learning acquired at the Vatel Business School in Nimes, I acquired the personal trait – that to live alone, ​away from Family and now I feel more independent and confident to look after myself​.

I am sure the knowledge imbibed during my tenure in France will make me a wholesome human being – exactly what is expected of an expert, dedicated and an accomplished hotelier of modern times…

Deepanshu Kapoor, STHM (2016-19)



24 Jul 2017
Ansal University