Legal Aid Awareness Camp

School of Law, Ansal University organized  Legal Aid Awareness Camp under the aegis of Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic (AULAC) in Abhaypur and Damdama villages on 22nd April 2017 and 23rd April 2017 (Situated near Sohna, Haryana).

AULAC members presented their views and spread legal awareness through street play and by distribution of pamphlets. They covered topics such as Domestic Violence, Sexual harassment, Senior Citizen Rights, Child Rights, Corruption, Gender Discrimination and Dowry Prohibition  and RTI .


The Villagers, mainly women discussed their problems with the volunteers. After which the volunteers address the problems.  More than 40 questionnaires were filled by the people from both the villages.


The enthusiastic volunteers were highly encouraged and appreciated by the villagers including the Sarpanch. They were full of spirit and this inspired them to further perform more activities in future. They cultivated the idea of helping more people with their campaigns in the upcoming events. The sense of unity and teamwork were beaming in colors among the volunteers during the event, resulting in their stronger bonding and a successful campaign.


25 Apr 2017
Ansal University