International Seminar- SOL

An International Seminar on “Contemporary Refugee Crisis and Syrian Exodus” was organized by the School of Law, Ansal University Gurgaon, on April 4-5, 2016. Inaugurated by Ms. Yasuko Shimizu, Deputy Representative, UNHCR, New Delhi, the seminar was attended by many legal scholars of International repute both from India and abroad included officials from UNHCR and ICRC. Some of the distinguished guests at the event included Mr. Waiel S.H. Awwad, a Syrian War Correspondent and Political Analyst; Prof. Edward L. Carter, Brigham Young University, Utah, United States; Prof. Osamu Arakaki, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan; Prof. Elumalai, Director IGNOU, Prof. Rajasekar and Prof. David Ambrose, Madras University; Prof. Saligram Bhatt, former Professor JNU and Professor Emeritus NALSAR University; Prof. S. Sarkar, NCU, Gurgaon, Ms. Kavita Belani, Senior Protection Officer, UNHCR, New Delhi; Dr. Sunod Jacob, Legal Adviser, ICRC; and Prof. V. K. Singh, Associate Director and IHL Chair, ISIL, New Delhi. There were interactive deliberations around the theme of contemporary refugee crisis in Middle East and its repercussions on international refugee law. On the occasion, Prof. (Dr.) Sanoj Rajan, Dean, School of Law, gave an Indian perspective on refugee protection. Issues pertaining to new American exceptionalism, human trafficking and refugee population, politics of forced migration, refugee status and armed conflict, and movement of refugee and environment protection were discussed. Prof. Raj S. Dhankar, Vice Chancellor, Ansal University in his valedictory address, spoke about the need to have uniform refugee policy in India and the various ramifications of the Syrian refugee crisis.


04 Apr 2016
Ansal University