Essay Writing Competition at SOL

School of Law, Ansal University along with the Anti-Ragging Committee conducted an Essay Writing Competition on ‘The Menace of Ragging in Educational Institutions’ on 30th August 2016 where 15 students from all the Schools participated. This Competition was conducted to spread the message among students that Ansal University has zero tolerance towards ragging and look at the problem from a student’s point of view.

Where a student is excited to start a new phase of life on admission to a college and meet new people, he is somewhere in a fear that he/she will be ragged,  made fun of in front of everyone and humiliated. The news of a young life coming to an end because of ragging in hostel and colleges is really disturbing and to add to it, it gives a sense of helplessness as to what a young boy/girl would have felt when he/she would have gone through these atrocities, that too in a place where the young child came with dreams and hopes, not just his own but also of his family.

Ragging which had once purportedly originated in the educational institutions as a harmless and fun filled way of introduction and interaction between the seniors and the freshers, has today sadly degenerated into an often horrific and sad experience for the freshers involving gross human rights violations mostly in the form of physical, mental and sexual torture.

Such events are organized at the University level to ensure the parents that their ward is in safe hands. Ragging unfortunately doesn’t have a quick fix solution so passing a law or even implementing it will not completely solve the problem. We must understand that unless the society condemns it, ragging can’t be eliminated. We require a focussed and concentrated effort to educate the masses. The movement towards an anti-ragging regime and a safe and conducive environment began in Ansal since the inception of the University. The only vital concern is its effective implementation, which depends totally on our students and us.

The following are the winners of the competition:-

First prize winner: Manmita Chopra(BALLB Vth sem)

Second prize winner: Rishav Kum r(BALLB Ist sem)

Third Prize winner: Sakshi Walia  ( sem)


Coordinators :Ms. Astha Mehta & Dr. Koma Member, Anti-ragging Committee




18 Sep 2016
Ansal University