Disciplinary Control


  1. The student shall maintain proper discipline and orderly conduct during the examinations. They shall not make use of any unfair or dishonest means or indulge in disorderly conduct in the examinations.
  2. No student will be allowed to appear in the Examination unless he/she is carrying his/her (ID card in the case of Regular students and Admit Card in the case of Reappear students) during End term Examination.
  3. If a student is found in possession of written/printed matter related to the subject of examination on anything (such as Mobile Phone, piece of paper or cloth, scribbling pad etc.), other than the answer book, any other response sheet specifically provided by the University to the candidate, it will be treated as act of unfair means and such cases will be forwarded to Examination Discipline Committee.
29 Apr 2015
Ansal University