Day3 – SET Summer School

School of Engineering & Technology-Innovation Centre conducted two different sessions on “Vedic Maths” and “Science of Light” on 13th July as a part of 5 days Summer School (11th July – 15 July),conducted for XI and XII class students.

Vedic Maths

An interactive session on Vedic Maths module explained different Sutras and some Sanskrit Slokas with their significance in Mathematics. Total 44 students and 4 faculties of different schools participated in this event and made it memorable by acknowledging this session in some words:

  • “An enjoyable activity and educational too.  It made me learn some great things that are really helpful in life. Hope for some more such workshops in future.”

  Darsh Asama,Gurugram Public School

  • “It was a very good and interactive session . Now I look back at all the 12 years of my school life and all these difficult calculations and I just wish I had known these earlier. It was a must attend session.”

  Mohammad Abbas,Gurugram Public School

  • “Ansal University , Welldone ! Excellent ! The Vedic Mathematics session was very good. It improves concentration of study resources . It is the fastest method of calculations during Vedic period 2500 BC.”

  Rishab Balra,Delhi Public School, Maruti Kunj

  • “My experience with the Ansal faculty was eye- opening . I got to learn many new things. Learning quick ways to solve the problems was interesting and very practical.”

  Deepak Bibyan, Summer Fields School


Science of Light

The module started with an introductory presentation on Basics of light, followed by a technical quiz in which 16 groups of two students were formed. In the quiz, Ruchir Saigal and Sarthak Kathuria both from Summer Field School were awarded the best performers. The session ended up with a Laboratory visit for dark room experiments conducted with the help of Mr. Ashok and Mr. Ved Prakash.

  • “Science is the backbone of everything we have today . So learning more about science is something really good and important. We all enjoyed and loved the workshop. Thanks for such a wonderful workshop.

  Darsh Asama, Gurugram Public School

  • Wonderful explanation about the phenomena of light in a very simple yet effective way. A total brainstorming session.”

  Mohammad Abbas,Gurugram Public School

  • “The Science of light workshop was very beneficial. It included basic concepts of light in physics.”

  Rishab Balra,Delhi Public School , Maruti Kunj




13 Jul 2016
Ansal University