Nestlé Young Chef Competition

As a sequel to the various academic activities oriented towards the overall exposure and hands-on experience for the students, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM), Ansal University, in collaboration with Nestlé India Limited, organised Nestlé Young Chef Competition on April 21, 2017 within the University premises.

Students of 2nd and the 6th Semesters of STHM took a very enthusiastic and keen interest in the competition, for which strict modalities were specified by Nestlé. During the 4-hour competition filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm, ten teams comprising of three students in each team were given the open challenge to exhibit their skills and produce a starter, a main course dish and a dessert. The choice was Indian, Thai, Continental or oriental cuisines – all with the matching ingredients, accompaniments and garnishes. Preparation of one item of bakery was also necessary.

Students of 2nd Semester, for whom this was the first-ever opportunity to participate in a culinary competition, boldly gave their names for this contest. “Sir, even if we do not win a prize, we are determined to learn about how to handle such competitions in future

Specialised events of such nature can’t be solemnised without the presence and active involvement of industry experts; Chef. Ajay Anand, Director of Culinary, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, Chef. Ashish Dhar, Chief Culinary Designer, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity were called upon to judge the performance of students and to give their expert comments about the taste, the texture, the colour, the appearance and the consistency of the dish, in relation to what was specified by the Company.

Ms Smriti Khanna, Regional Home Economist, Nestle India Limited, who was the overall in-charge of the event said “I was overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm, the fervor, the rigor and the excitement of these young students. We look forward to organize the events in future also.”

Prof. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM who considers such opportunities to be an integral part of the structured learning, said “Until the students do not have the urge to excel or are not given to work under pressure, they cannot exhibit their competence; neither can they reveal their true love for this very fine trade. Besides, several new things come up during such events, which leave an indelible mark in their minds

“The best in you comes out only when you take part in a fierce competition and such competitions, besides putting you in a testing situation, promote a lot of teamwork, camaraderie and the will to excel” said Mr. Laurent Guiraud, director of the Vatel programmes in India.




22 Apr 2017
Ansal University