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Doctoral Degree

Doctoral Degree

Ansal University provides facility for pursuing doctoral research leading to the award of Ph.D. degree. The University aims at developing individuals into distinguished researchers in the field of Architecture, Design, Engineering and Management. Respective schools of the University offer Ph.D programme with a strong focus on promoting inter-disciplinary research.

The University offers Ph.D program in Engineering/Management/Architecture/Design. The duration for Part-time and Full-time Ph.D programme is 3 years, however a candidate may seek an extension (after paying the additional fees), but the maximum length (from the date of registration) of duration of Ph.D programme will not exceed the cap of 5 years.
Objectives of Ph.D Programme:
Overall objective of Ph.D Programme is to retain the current and develop the emerging scholars for career in teaching, research, training and consulting.

The programme focuses on:
– Equipping scholars with the capability to grasp and analyze the emerging trends in their respective field

– Equipping researchers with the knowledge of comprehensive and encompassing research methodology

– Initiating research in Priority and Gap areas of knowledge to fill up the existing vacuum in the theory and practice of their respective field

– Grooming highly motivated teachers for the Institutes, which have been facing acute shortage of faculty due to rapid growth of enrollments and proliferation of universities, business schools and research institutes in India recently

– Encouraging them to incessantly invoke intuitive insights, and imaginative speculation

– Propelling scholars to explore and experiment with ideas in order to invest the same into application in their respective field

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