Why to Study Law in Higher Education?

Top llb colleges in India

Few disciplines have witnessed an exponential growth in higher education as Law has over the last two decades.  While there used to be a time, where Law was regarded as the last choice for prospective entrants to higher education, it is now the most preferred of choices for the most brilliant students passing out of Schools across India.

This shift promises to be a trend for a long time to come and is not without a reason. Scores of students after successfully completing their graduation in law have been absorbed in Law firms, earning packages rivaling the best in Engineering and Management.  This has largely been possible due to the liberalization of the erstwhile legal services market which was ‘litigation oriented’ with practically little or no focus on corporate forms of organization among lawyers.

In addition, the emergence of National Law Schools in the late 80’s lead to the redefining of legal education in India in line with international standards aiding the increased opportunities in the legal job market.    The 90’s and the 2000’s witnessed creation of more such National Law Schools which fuelled the demand for legal education on a large scale. This trend has continued with the advent of Private Law Schools, with many of the best newly created Private Universities modeling themselves on National Law Schools. While seeking to incorporate the National Law School DNA, law colleges in Gurgaon with their emphasis on pedagogical creativity, well qualified and experienced faculty members have been at the forefront of creating cutting edge innovations in legal education. Among these has been the introduction of specialized credit courses with interdisciplinary focus, honors specializations, expert lectures by seasoned professionals, and regular moot court activities among numerous other initiatives.

A distinctive element of their approach has been an unwavering commitment to student centricity focusing on internships and campus placements. While recognizing that legal education would serve its purpose only if students enter the job market with the requisite skill sets and aptitude, law colleges in Gurgaon have single mindedly approached this objective with committed intensity.  There is no doubt that this focus would continue to define the philosophical approach of these institutions. In addition, a noteworthy aspect of emerging institutions has been hands on faculty commitment to the cause of student welfare.

Faculty members have taken a lead in running law schools with passion fully immersing themselves in leadership roles. Thus be it internships and placements, moot courts or debating, faculty donning the role of mentors provide intellectual stewardship in all law school endeavors. Their role is by no means limited to guiding students alone but also includes deeper engagement with the process of institution building. Ensuring that students get the best of higher education by the time they complete their graduation and honing their skills in an all round manner, law students enter the professional job market a few notches above other graduates. Emphasis on speaking and public confidence which is the hallmark of legal education, gives law students confidence and public relations skills which few other graduates can boast of.

Thus many students who enter the portals of legal education as relatively under confident students leave law schools as individuals brimming with confidence with an unflinching desire to conquer the world.  Law colleges in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR thus have emerged as key destinations of higher education for keen and brilliant students who perceive law as their primary career choice.  This resolve would only get stronger in the days to come which promise increased avenues for legal professionals.


Abraham Joseph