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Angel Funding Scheme

Angel Funding Scheme

Some of the World’s most innovative companies were seeded at the college campuses by young innovative minds and not necessarily by billionaires or established businesses houses. For example, “Google” was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were still pursuingtheir  education at Stanford University. After they had ideated Google, a lifeline was provided by an Angel fund none other than the University’s Fund. How do names like Sun Microsystems, Netscape Navigator etc. sound to you? These all are also the examples of Angel Capital funding which started from campuses and achieved incredible heights in a short period.

Many examples are galore but the thrust is on only one and that is the acknowledgment of the young ideas and providing them the platform for implementation. Innovations start withan idea and that idea, if properly nurtured, can grow into a big concept and business proposition. The way our society is structured, there is a dearth of institutions, bank and HNI’s who can take the cudgel to take the risk of funding at such initial stage. Typically an Angel fund provides seed funding for business ideas which are at a very nascent stage and are yet to be proven and established in the real world. With the above background, Ansal University has constituted an Angel Funding Centre (AFC) that will provide support to the young ideators and innovators with an entrepreneurial streak who have the potential, so that they can be encouraged to develop their business proposition. With the funding from AFC, these ideas will be better equipped to survive on a long-term sustainable basis.

Under the aegis of Ansal University, AFC will focus on its students who wish to develop their talent and ideas and help the students turn them into enterprises. It will be dedicated to enabling students/ innovators to develop their ideas into full working products.AFC intends to: Nucleate, incubate and nurture the young intrepreneurial students to contribute to the Indian economy by leveraging the technology, management and economic competency of the University. Provide a platform with a miraculous blend of powerful education and money to support the incredible ideas of the future billionaires.

AFC will provide the following pedestals to encourage the innovators:

  • Pro-active value-added support and access to critical tools, information, education,  contacts and resources
  • Experiential learning by providing an interface to the industry through internships or  practical training within the industry
  • Business support services to enhance and develop business
  • Upgrade skills and techniques
  • Technological advice and assistance with intellectual property protection
  • Financial resources for R&D
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