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Why Ansal University?

Ansal University has state of the art infrastructure, facilities, ambience and organizational culture, to nurture thinking and critical understanding needed in pursuit of professional knowledge and competence. We at Ansal University believe that a university is about empowering students to explore the unknown, through passionate, dedicated and innovative teaching and research. Our dedicated team of faculty is committed to the task of ensuring that our students are well trained and holistically developed to meet the challenges of their chosen profession in this competitive world. Welcome to Ansal!

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19 Nov 2015

Kindly deposit your next semester fees by 7 Dec 2015. Visit the below link for m...
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Last Date For Fees Deposit

25 Dec 2015

Ansal University is a private university duly established under the Haryana Priv...
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School of Skill and Entrepreneurial Deve...

23 Dec 2015

Greeting from Ansal University! It gives us immense pleasure to have continued ...
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Alumni Meet - 23rd Dec15

04 Nov 2015

on "Corporate Governance: Issues & Challenges", Vol. IV, Issue I of  ...
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"De Facto" - Quarterly Newsletter of Sch...

27 Oct 2015

School of Engineering & Technology organized a Talk on "Social Sensing"...
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Talk on "Social Sensing"

20 Oct 2015

App Download: Students ISIM:
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Mentoring Day at Ansal University follow...

24 Sep 2015

Our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Raj S. Dhankar spoke on “What Ails Indian Higher Ed...
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Education Summit

21 May 2015
4 P.M

In an endeavor to give global exposure to their students, School of Management S...
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MOU : ANSAL UNIVERSITY- Woodbury School ...

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